Milk N’ Sugar is a collaborative dessert and sweets brand which made up of credible, creative and influential brand operators around. We deliver innovative bespoke desserts and sweets menu, exquisite presentations and attentive service.
Milk N’ Sugar’s creative menu is a melting pot of the familiar and the new, embracing the past while anticipating the future. Every item is an interpretation of classic flavours, in new forms that continue to enchant. From Product Launches, Boardroom Meetings, to Corporate and Private Events, Milk N’ Sugar is committed to achieving the very best.


Milk N’ Sugar Festivals are held seasonally at various locations. Venues are transformed into vibrant stages for exotic dessert and sweets showcases and live demonstrations.

The event is a great mechanism for area/ venue activation for urban planning and brand activation for goods and services. It brings together dessert and sweets enthusiasts, activates areas and promotes the precinct and the dynamic host city, its vibrant residents and the extravagant talents of local producers while preserving the rich and diverse culture.
The event provides opportunities for visitors to indulge in a session of diverse, distinctive and delicious flavours from some of local best dessert and sweets industry stakeholders.


At some events and mobile trading locations, Milk N’ Sugar conducts trading by having a pop-up eatery either by using our own marquee system or structure set up by the event organisers. We are capable of bringing our own kitchen commissary infrastructure including all beverage processing equipment, tables and point of sale.

Based on the requirement of each event, Milk N’ Sugar commissions our Production and Styling team to add visual theming to our set-up by having cushioned-crate seatings, tables, signage, lighting system, display materials, and flags amongst others.
Provision of entertainment such as DJs, acoustic & vocal performers, live paint artists are few of popular additions to our set-up at events.


We offer an all-encompassing styling and hire service to provide you with a wide range of options to suit every occasion. The Milk N’ Sugar team will ensure that we capture, source and design the ultimate event theming for your occasion to provide you with total event solutions including Event Planning, Live Entertainment, Furniture, Audio Visual, Staging, Theming and Styling


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